Friday, 12 June 2015

Bee Sting (2014)

Bee Sting began life as a graphic novel.  And on the page, with decent art, it might work reasonably well.  On screen; with flat, lifeless lighting and even more flat, lifeless acting; it fails on pretty much every level.

Kevin has a plan.  He and his friend Aaron are going to take jobs at a summer camp and sleep with all the lady counselors.  You will note that I never said this was a good plan.  Aaron is not a fan either, pointing out that they're more likely to be chopped up by a guy in a hockey mask than experience Kevin's fantasies (try not to burst your sides from laughter at this snappy repartee).

Of course, Kevin has no intention of taking no for an answer and soon enough the two young men are driving into the dilapidated camp and meeting the awkwardly enthusiastic camp director.  They also meet twin sisters Ashley and April, and Aaron is instantly smitten by Ashley.

When Ashley suffers a bee sting in a baseball game, Aaron volunteers Kevin and himself to drive her to the hospital in case she has an allergic reaction (apparently this is the first bee sting either of the sisters has ever suffered).  April insists on coming along as well, and soon the four are lost on back roads somewhere.  Bickering over what to do next leads to an accident, and while no-one is hurt, the car is a write-off.

Which is when the redneck cannibals turn up.

Bee Sting is a comedy-horror film that is neither funny nor scary.  This is partly the fault of the script, which belabours every "joke" it makes and seems to not care whether we like the protagonists or not.  It's also partly the fault of the cheapness of the production, with the lighting and sets being very weak.  But it's mostly the fault of the acting and direction.  Both are decidedly on the "not" side of "good", and made me very glad that this only has a run time of 50 minutes.

Note: this is a review of the digital download provided to Kickstarter backers, but as far as I am aware, the physical DVD version is identical.

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