Friday, 3 April 2015

Nightmare Sisters (1988)

This is pretty much Revenge of the Nerds meets The Exorcist, except the protagonists are less jerky than those in Nerds.  Which from me is actually kind of a recommendation; hence the qualified one this movie is getting.  What we have here is an unashamedly trashy horror-comedy that manages to accomplish its core goal - to get three attractive women naked as often as possible - while maintaining a light-hearted air throughout.

It's far from perfect, of course.  It opens with a scene involving a fortune teller who is either an insulting caricature of an Indian swami, or supposed to be a charlatan doing an insulting caricature of an Indian swami.  I'm hopeful it's the latter, but if it was then I would expect us to see him 'break character' at some point, and he doesn't.

In any case, the fortune teller is not long for this world, as he accidentally contacts a demon.  His crystal ball subsequently ends up in the hands of a geeky female college student who collects all kind of random bric-a-brac.

The student and her two equally uncool friends plan a party and invite three nerdy boys to join them.  Inevitably, the party leads to a mock seance using the crystal ball, and the women end up possessed by the demon from the opening scene.  Oh, and hot and topless, of course.

The boys are unsurprisingly pretty thrilled by the over-sexed babes their dates have suddenly become, but they also realise that something is wrong and that (a) giving in to their baser instincts would be unsafe, and (b) they need to find some way to save the girls.  Shenanigans ensue, especially when the guys' jerky frat brothers turn up to spoil the party.

The plot of the film is wafer thin, of course, and some of the jokes are not as funny as they were meant to be, but it's easy enough to overlook these shortcomings in what proves to be a genially silly little skin-flick where the cast genuinely seem to be having fun.

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