Thursday, 1 January 2015

Robot Pilot (1941)

Martin Mooney has been dead for nearly fifty years, which means he will never get to hear what I think of him for writing this racist, sexist turd of a film.

It's aiming at being one of those 'screwball' comedies, where a man and a woman meet, verbally spar and one up each other, and then make out.

The problem is that 'screwball' comedies live and die on the strength of their wit, and this script is completely, one hundred percent, utterly and entirely witless.  There's nothing funny about some jerk kidnapping two women and forcing them to cook and clean, however hysterical the movie seems to think it is.  Nor is there anything funny about "Oh those dopey Mexicans", which appears to be the only other joke Martin Mooney knew.

You may notice that none of this seems to have anything to do with the movie's title, and you would be right.  The film only remembers the aviation aspect of the story near the beginning and at the end of the picture.  Which is sad, since those parts of the script are merely stupid, rather than stupid and offensive.

Stay far, far away.

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