Saturday, 3 May 2014

Voodoo Black Exorcist (1973)

An ancient priest dallies with the wife of his king.  The King discovers their affair, and is killed by the priest.  The lovers are captured; the woman killed and the man entombed alive.  A thousand years later, he is released from his ancient prison and pursues a modern day woman he believes to be the reincarnation of his lost love, while murdering a bunch of people on the side.

When you saw this premise, it was probably in 1999's The Mummy.  But that's also the basic outline of this trashy 70s Italian film.  Don't worry that the later film was copying this one though - they're both basing their narrative off the 1932 film with Boris Karloff.

So anyway, this ancient priest is killed in a voodoo ritual; since this is allegedly happening in the Caribbean, and the religion wasn't there a thousand years ago, this is a historical impossibility, but one can't expect scholarly accuracy in something like this.  His return occurs on a cruise liner, where his sarcophagus is being transported to an exhibit.  I'm not sure that's standard procedure for such things.

The mummy escapes, and prowls the ship.  He manages to temporarily restore his withered features to ordinary appearance and steals some clothes.  Which is about when the movie loses all impetus.  When your ancient evil is limited to poorly choreographed fist fights and predicting the outcome of dice rolls, it's a pretty sorry state of affairs.

You can safely stick to the Brendan Fraser version, instead.

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