Friday, 9 May 2014

Invasion of the Bee Girls (1973)

Nicholas Meyer wrote Star Trek IV (which I dislike) and VI (which I find tolerable, for a Trek film).  But way before he did either of those movies, his first writing credit was this lurid bit of SF trash, which is sometimes sold as Graveyard Tramps.  This latter title bears no connection to the movie, except that I guess it promises a degree of smuttiness that the Bee Girls title does not.

Nudity and sex scenes do abound in the film, though there's a definite theme of coitus interruptus to the latter, what with the premise of the film being 'men are being murdered by sex!'

I did say it was lurid trash, remember.

Anyway, when a bunch of scientists turn up as stiffs (yes, I went there), the government sends agent Agar (who I guess is named as a nod to B-movie actor John Agar) to investigate.  His investigation isn't terribly efficient, though he does a decent sideline in damsel rescuing when the film takes a wholly unnecessary journey to Rape Town.

It's not spoiling much to say that the plot of this is that there are a bunch of women running around sexing men to death.  The reasons they do this are nominally in the Bee Girl title but frankly the 'science' behind that link is eye-rolling nonsense.  Which puts it more or less on the level of the film as a whole, come to that.

The selling point of this film is pretty much the numerous boob and butt shots.  It's surely not the acting or the script.  If you have a taste for the luridly trashy, or the comically inept (some of the 'sexy' and 'dramatic' scenes come off as unintentional comedy) then this is worth a look.  Otherwise, you can safely skip Meyer's virgin effort.

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