Friday, 29 November 2013

She Gods of Shark Reef (1958)

After a run of four pretty good Roger Corman movies, I probably shouldn't be too surprised to come across a clunker. This film tells the tale of two brothers (one blond and noble; one dark and wicked) who are shipwrecked on an island full of beautiful maidens.

The old woman who reigns over these maidens wants the men gone as soon as possible, presumably because she wants the term 'maidens' to continue to apply. Naturally, Chris the Noble Brother falls into a romance with one of the young ladies, thereby earning the enmity of the 'Queen', while wicked brother Jim further complicates matters with his need to leave the island before any authorities turn up, and his tendency to turn to theft and violence whenever it seems like it will profit him.

We get some tepid 'fights' with sharks, and a whole lot of talking, before the two men and Chris's lady love make a break for freedom on a boat they've repaired. Jim's villainous ways come back to complicate matters once more, however, and before the film ends, one of the two brothers will be shark bait ... I bet you can guess which one.

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