Friday, 20 April 2018

Bad Cop (2010)

Detective Sean Riley is a cop who is only a few steps from the criminals he hunts.  When his partner dies in a shoot-out, for instance, he executes the man who did it in cold blood.

Shortly afterward, Riley is assigned to a series of vicious homicides where the victims were set alight, then sprayed down with an extinguisher, then set alight again.  This proves to be the work of a group of well-trained killers, who seem like they might be hunting Colin, an old friend of Riley's.  The only question now, is will they find Colin first, or will he?

Bad Cop (aka Saints & Sinners), is not a particularly good film.  The story and dialogue are nothing special, and the acting is of shall we say "varying" quality.  Lead Johnny Strong (who also wrote the film's music) is handsome and competent in front of the camera but not especially charismatic, but that still puts him a cut above some of the other cast members.

On the plus side, the film moves along at a fair clip and its frequent action scenes are well-staged (albeit rather generic).  It also makes good use of its post-Katrina New Orleans setting.  Finally, it's quite fun to play "spot the semi-famous face" as there are a number of has-been and never-quite-wases in the cast.

Still, at the end of the day this is a mostly competent but pro-forma action film, which isn't really something that I can in all conscience recommend.

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