Friday, 23 February 2018

Weird Science (1985)

Two high school losers, tired of creeping on girls and being victimised by their peers, decide to build their own woman - an idea which speaks loudly about their attitude to the female sex, if you ask me, though I am sure the film wasn't actually going for that "treating women as a commodity" angle.

In any case, they plan to use computers for this process, and following a hacking sequence that would have been laughed out of Hackers, they create Lisa.  Lisa has an amazing body, an equally amazing (though for all the wrong reasons) English accent, and essentially magic powers that for some reason, she decides to employ in the service of landing these two guys with girlfriends.

Alleged hilarity ensues.

Weird Science is a deeply messed up movie, with some extremely problematic attitudes and scenes.  "Rape as romance" is apparently not just a thing in Revenge of the Nerds, though at least in the latter film neither character was a minor.

This is the kind of movie where "the wind rips off her clothes!" is still the cutting edge of humour.  It's full of unpleasant people - including the ones for whom we are supposed to cheer - and it shows its age in all sorts of unpleasant ways, such as when one of the "heroes" uses a homophobic slur to belittle some bad guys and we're clearly supposed to think he's delivered a real zinger of a line.

Also, Kelly Le Brock is a terrible actor.


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