Friday, 5 January 2018

2035: Forbidden Dimensions (2013)

All the children born on the night of a solar eclipse around 1980 are special.  They're also, with one exception, all dead.  The last of these "Solar Eclipse Kids" is Jack Slade, who had the ability - though he can't control it - to move back and forth between the "current day" of the late 1990s and the blasted wasteland that is 2035.

You see, it seems that some evil doctors got a hold of alien DNA and used it to create vicious mutants.  This somehow led to everything looking like Mad Max, except with a lot more topless women dotting the backgrounds.

The film hops back and forth between these two time zones - not in chronological order within either of them - in what's presumably meant to be a "mysterious" manner, but is actually mostly just incoherent except when one character or another is delivering a massive info dump of exposition.  And sometimes even then.

Christopher James Miller wrote and directed this film, and also has six other credits on it.  Or seven others, if you count both the on-screen roles he plays as separate credits.  No doubt the film was a labour of love for him, and he certainly shows an ambition that stretches well beyond the obviously tiny budget he was working with.  Unfortunately, based on the final product here, it's also an ambition that stretches well beyond his talents.  The film he's delivered in a plodding narrative mess with wildly uneven acting and effects.

I'd be interested to see what Miller can do if he tries to deliver half as much, twice as well, but in the meanwhile I certainly won't be recommending this film.

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