Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Breaking Bad, Season 2 (2009)

Walter White's plan to quickly a build a nest-egg for his wife and children has hit something of a snag.  Several snags, in fact.  First of all, there's the fact that getting into the drug-dealing game means working with drug dealers, many of whom are violent and impulsive types, especially when they've been sampling the product.  Plus can you really trust them?  They are criminals, after all

Then there's the fact that you're in competition with other dealers, and the territorial squabbles that come with it.  And if the other dealers don't get you, then maybe the cops will.

And then there's all the lying and deception that the job requires, inevitably driving a wedge between Walter and the very people he's ostensibly doing all this for.  Because surprise, surprise - your wife starts to get a bit crabby when you're receiving mysterious phone calls, disappearing without explanation for hours at a time, and otherwise acting in a hugely suspicious manner.

To be honest, it's not hard to see why Walter's "nice middle class man" demeanour is starting to fray a little, revealing a hard, angry edge to the world.

Much as with season one, this series of Breaking Bad is intermittently very good, but it has some tonal and pacing issues.  Certain sections drag on far longer than they probably ought to, and the climactic events seem frankly a bit rushed as they're pretty much all jammed into the final three episodes.  But on the plus side it continues to have strong performances and some fine character writing.

If you're up for a show where the protagonist is headed down a dark road, and you don't mind that said road's sometimes got traffic jams and detours, then it's worth checking out.

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