Friday, 1 September 2017

Gun Woman (2014)

A sadistic monster rapes and murders a woman, then cripples his victim's husband.  Said husband is a successful doctor, who applies his brilliant mind and large sums of cash to getting revenge.  This won't be easy, because the villain also has vast sums of money, and is protected by an entire platoon of armed guards.  In fact, the only time the bad guy is vulnerable is when he makes a visit to a secret compound that caters to necrophiliacs.

The doctor's scheme for revenge is thus rather elaborate: he will train a woman to be a deadly killer, then surgically conceal the components of a gun inside her body, give her drugs so she appears to be dead, and have her deliverable to necrophilia central, where she'll wake up, rip open her own body to get at the gun, and execute an inevitably gory revenge in 22 minutes or less, because that's how long she'll have before she bleeds to death.

Gun Woman consciously evokes the exploitation films of the 1970s in its look and feel, and it starts as it means to go on: with a naked woman, who is promptly murdered.  Nudity and gore are pervasive throughout the film, especially in the final act, where Asami Sugiura spends a solid 15-20 minutes killing folks while stark naked and covered in blood.

Obviously, given the deliberately gratuitous content, this will not be a film for all tastes.  But if you are in the market for a trenchantly exploitative 80 minutes of sex and violence, it certainly has you covered!

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