Monday, 31 October 2016

100 Feet (2008)

This is the film for which I actually purchased this "Horror 4 Pack" and I'm pleased to say it turns out to be a pretty good little ghost story.

Marnie Watson killed her abusive husband Mike in self-defence and served several years in jail as a result.  She's now been released into house arrest.  She has to wear an ankle bracelet than can never be more than 100 feet from the detector in the hallway of her home, which means she can just reach the front door, but no further.

As you might imagine, it makes for a rather lonely existence.  The only people Marnie speaks to with any regularity are the young man who makes deliveries from the local market - who seems rather taken with her - and her husband's former partner on the police force.  Who it is safe to say is no fan of Marnie's.

Of course, Marnie's life would probably be bearable, if a bit tedious, if being isolated in the house was all she had to worry about.  Unfortunately for her, there's also the matter of her husband's ghost.  It seems that dead though he may be, Mike plans to keep on smacking his wife around.

100 Feet is not a movie that mucks about.  Mike-the-ghost makes his first appearance less than twenty five minutes into the film, and Marnie doesn't take long to try and fight back as best she can, given that she's up against a ghost.  This is a smart decision, I think, as is the fact that the film's back story gives obvious reasons why the ghost wouldn't simply kill Marnie.  Perhaps Mike is simply continuing his previous abuse, without real awareness that he's passed on.  Perhaps if he kills Marnie he'll actually cease to exist.  This haunting is a very personal one.

While it is not free of missteps, this is on the whole a well put together ghost film.  You should definitely check it out if that's your sort of thing.

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