Friday, 27 May 2016

Edge of Tomorrow (2014)

I'll freely admit to being prejudiced against Tom Cruise movies because of not caring much for Cruise himself.  So I didn't catch Edge of Tomorrow at the cinemas, despite the nifty looking effects and science fiction action, because of its lead actor.  If it had been say, Chris Evans in the starring role, I'd have been there with bells on.  I like Evans, and it certainly wouldn't have hurt that he's much more age-appropriate to have Emily Blunt as a potential love interest.

But then I got offered this DVD for free, and well; even I am not so much of a Cruisaphobe as to reject that offer.

The premise of Edge of Tomorrow is that Earth has been invaded by a race of aliens that we (for no clear reason) call "Mimics".  The aliens have overrun Europe, but humanity is poised to make a massive counter-attack, our hopes of victory buoyed by the power suits we've developed and the successes of one particular female soldier.

Cruise plays Cage, a media specialist who is horrified to find himself dragooned into the front lines of the invasion.  He stumbles across the battlefield as the entire human force is devastated by the waiting aliens: the operation has walked right into a trap!  After several panicked narrow escapes, Cage himself is killed by a glowing blue alien, though in one last act of defiance he manages to take it with him.

And then he wakes up, back at the start of the day, being dragooned into the attack once more.  How did this happen?  How does the female hero I mentioned above fit into it?  And could it be that Cage is now the key to humanity's success or failure in the war?

Well the answer to that last question is obviously yes, what with him being the protagonist of the film.  But doubtless you get the idea.

There are definitely some things that go unexplained in the plot of this film, but sometimes that's the right call in an action flick - lots of talky-talk could sap the pace too much.  Accept that, and you'll probably have a fine time with this "Groundhog Day meets Starship Troopers" movie.  Cruise and Blunt give good performances, and the script offers up moments of humour and empathy amongst all the explosions and shooting.  As long as you aren't even more averse to Cruise than me, or a hater of all things science fiction, you'll probably enjoy your time with this film.

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