Thursday, 21 January 2016

Mythica: The Necromancer (2015)

Does it make me want to play D&D?

As a metric for whether or not I enjoyed a fantasy film, that question is actually a pretty reliable one.  If the answer is "yes", the movie's obviously done something right.

I'm pleased to say that after what I found to be a slightly shaky second chapter, the Mythica series returns to form in what now appears to be the middle entry of a five part series (though it also also serves as a satisfying end point for the trilogy of films to date, which is nice).

Marek's history as a slave returns to haunt her when one of her friends is kidnapped by her vengeful former owner.  She, Dagen and Teela must now complete a dangerous task for the man, if they want their friend back alive.  And of course this task will once again bring them into conflict with the "big bad" who was introduced in the previous film: and he is rather more prepared for the encounter than they are.

Arrowstorm continue to show that they know how to get their money's worth out of their budgets.  The cast they've assembled remain solid, and the costumes and sets look good.  They are perhaps a little too ambitious occasionally, with some larger scale action and effects sequences that they don't quite manage to carry off, but I certainly don't count that as a major blemish.

On the non-action front, I think the character work in this film is the strongest of the trilogy to date: the relationships between the cast feel convincing and natural.

The kickstarter for Mythica 4 launched a couple of days ago and runs until 17 Feb 2016.  I'm already a backer.  Now, does anyone wanna play some D&D?

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