Monday, 28 September 2015

Megamind (2010)

Some of you may have guessed this review was coming after last Monday.  You may have a gold star if you did.  Much like the gold stars won by superhero Metroman while he was at primary school with arch-rival Megamind.

Megamind (real name: Megamind) is an alien with an advanced intellect, sent to Earth by his parents when their own world was on the brink of destruction.  Which is also how Metroman got here.  One day, someone will do a superhero spoof and choose an origin story other than Superman's to parody, but it won't be in this film.

"Treading a familiar path" is kind of par for the course for this film.  I mean, it's right there in the very premise: from the studio that brought you Shrek, a movie that Shreks The Incredibles.  I suppose we should be grateful they didn't try to Shrek Toy Story.

If I sound down on the movie for this ... well, I am.  It's definitely a real weakness of the picture: you've seen everything that happens here many times before, often in Dreamworks' own films.  It's very unlikely anything plot or character-wise will surprise you.  Which is a shame, because the movie looks good and has some funny moments.  Also, when it does make an effort it includes some pretty cool stuff.  The use of music is pretty great, for instance: especially in the final confrontation between Megamind and new villain "Tighten".  And there are some key plot points where it does a good job of "showing, not telling".

Overall, if you don't mind that it's rather unambitious in its storytelling, this film is a pretty fun time.  I do wish it had tried to be more than it is, though.  It could have done with a bit more ambition.

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