Thursday, 16 October 2014

One Year!

I started this blog a year ago.  I've managed over 350 reviews in that year, an achievement I'm quite proud of.  There'll be no review today, but I do have a couple of things to share.

The first is a change to the review schedule.  I'll continue daily updates for the rest of this month, but from the start of November I am going to switch to a Monday-Friday routine. Reviews will continue to go up at about 1am Blogger time, which I believe is the Pacific timezone in the US.

I'm making this change to give me a bit more flexibility in what I watch.  Right now for instance, TV show DVDs are tough to fit in since they require a lot of time investment compared to movie reviews.  Having two free days a week will make it easier to include more of them (and I have a lot of unwatched TV show DVDs).

After this change, I will occasionally post bonus reviews on the weekends: these will be for DVDs I have previously watched, but not reviewed for this blog (so I can finally do a review of the first Resident Evil movie, for instance).

The second thing I wanted to share are a couple of links to worthy review sites.  

The first site is 1000 Misspent Hours and Counting.  "El Santo" has a long history of reviewing genre films of all kinds, and while I often disagree with his opinion of the films in question, his reviews are always very comprehensive.  My research technique is to generally to google the film's title and look for IMDB and Wikipedia links.  If a 1000 Misspent Hours link pops up as well, I know someone far more dedicated has already done the research for me.

The second site is Horror Movie A Day, which inspired the daily schedule of this blog.  Reviewer B.C. now updates only once or twice a week, but pumped out over 2500 horror movie reviews on a daily schedule before adopting the slower update rate.  Like El Santo, he provides more comprehensive reviews than I do, with lots of additional information.  His focus is (as you can tell from the site's name) on horror films, but if you're at all interested in that genre, you should check it out.

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