Friday, 6 December 2013

The Atomic Brain (1963)

Man, in 1963 atomic energy could do anything. Except kill you, of course. All you had to do to avoid that was duck and cover. In that year's Atomic Brain (aka Monstrosity), radiation can somehow be used to transfer minds between bodies. Initial tests put animal brains into human cadavers, but the goal of the unethical Dr Frank and his outright evil sponsor Mrs March is to transfer a human mind into a new body. March wants to be young again, and hires three young women as maids. These are the averagely pretty Anita, the above average Nina, and the bombshell Beatrice. No wonder poor Anita ends up as another animal brain experiment while Beatrice (and her godawful attempt at an "English accent") is ear-marked to be Mrs March's new body.

Even the best laid plans go awry, of course, and misfortune and double-dealing will soon complicate things immensely for all involved, with one particular act of betrayal being pretty darn amusing, actually. This film is utterly schlocky (and Beatrice's accent is truly, truly awful) but I had fun with it nonetheless.

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